Howard Aviation LLC

Howard Aviation LLC is a Colorado company focusing on the Howard DGA (“Damn Good Airplane”) aircraft, and has operations at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Englewood, Colorado and at Carl Keller Field (KPCW) in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Pilot safety is a primary focus of Howard Aviation and its newly re-engineered FAA approved landing gear has significantly improved the ground operations stability of the Howard DGA. The quality flying characteristics of the DGA have always been legendary, except for very unstable landing gear. The old gear earned the Howard the nickname “The Ensign Eliminator” by the Navy in World War II. With the landing gear re-engineered using modern shock absorber technology, the ground characteristics of the plane now mimic its quality flying characteristics.

Additionally, Howard Aviation has worked with a local premier flight school at KAPA (Independence Aviation) to acquire a state of the art Cirrus flight simulator in order to further local pilot proficiency for those flying Cirrus aircraft and for instrument initial, recurrent and proficiency training.

In addition to improving flight safety, Howard Aviation rents hangar space (overnight, monthly, yearly) at KAPA through Independence Aviation.