Flight Simulator

Howard Aviation has worked with a local premier flight school at KAPA (Independence Aviation) to acquire a state of the art Cirrus flight simulator in order to further local pilot proficiency for those flying Cirrus aircraft and for instrument initial, recurrent and proficiency training. 

The simulator is a SR22 Level 1 FTD which comes with a 170 degree visual for a realistic flight and training experience.  Independence Aviation will create and tailor scenarios to each customers needs, thereby maintaining the highest level of individual pilot proficiency.

The SR22 Level 1 FTD flight simulator is one of the most cost effective ways to hone skills and maintain instrument proficiency (3-6 times more efficient than flying, depending upon the exercise and the student).  To learn more about above simulator, visit the Indepence Aviation website at www.ia-kapa.com or call (303) 858-1600.