The Howard DGA series of aircraft have developed a reputation as a strong fast cross county aircraft.   In fact, DGA actually stands for “Damn Good Airplane.”  Benjamin Howard’s early aircraft were purpose built one of a kind aircraft specifically designed for air racing.  The aircraft that followed were produced in quantity for civilian and military use.  The most numerous of the Howards being the DGA-15P.

The DGA-15P has been considered  a strong reliable aircraft with a 450 HP Pratt and Whitney R-985 radial engine, and is certified as a standard category aircraft.  However, the landing gear uses 1930’s technology for seals, sealing surfaces, bearings and fluid.  The FAA approved modification to the landing gear addresses replacing these parts with more modern materials and designs.

Because of the design of the original landing gear, once the gear is compressed (upon landing or even during a takeoff roll), the fluids in the assembly have a tendency to vaporize, thereby yielding essentially zero dampening effect when the aircraft requires the most dampening.  To further complicate the lack of shock dampening, the original springs in the assembly are of such a length and metallurgy that coil binding commonly occurs (see photo on Summary Page), which results in transferring significant energy from the landing gear to the airframe.

The new repaired landing gear assembly addresses both the dampening problems witnessed with the original stock landing gear and the coil binding issues of the spring.   The result of the new gear is superior vertical and lateral stability upon landing and throughout all ground operations.